5. Transcript

Wanna be a wallaby?  Well, you have to hop, hop, hop!  Wallabies are in the same family as the kangaroo, the Macropod kind, and they were made for hopping.  See their big feet?  They have stretchy tendons in their feet that attach to their hips.  Because of the way tendons are designed, it's easier for them to keep going than it is for them to stop.  Of course the tendons work together with his big feet, powerful leg muscles, and tail to keep the wallaby hopping without falling down.

Another awesome creature feature is the mother wallaby's pouch.  Wallabies are not only members of the Macropod kind, but they are marsupials that  have pouches like kangaroos.  When a baby wallaby is born, it is not ready yet to face the world.  So it goes right to its mother's pouch and begins to nurse.

Pop quiz time!  Now remember, wallabies are in the Macropod kind.  So, what is a baby wallaby called?  If you said joey, you're right on!  The joey spends months in the pouch, riding around with its mother.