450. Transcript

Opposite the Museum of the Bible exhibit is a world-class insect exhibit—now, we call it Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium.  And as you come into that exhibit, you will see the insects displayed in ways I’ve never seen them displayed in any other museum. They are absolutely spectacular! Now, while we might not have the size collection as some of the big secular museums have, I believe that this is a higher quality than most exhibits that you’ll see of insects like this. In fact, as you look at the various kinds of insects in this exhibit, you’ll see [some of] the largest of their kind and the highest quality that you can find anywhere in the world.

Now, as you go through the insect exhibit, towards the end, you will meet Dr. Arthur Pod. He’s our scientist; he’s animatronic, of course. But, then, you’ll notice on the monitor there are six specific programs that you can choose for Dr. Arthur Pod to do some great teaching. You’ll really enjoy them. But, if you want my favorite, make sure you press the bombardier beetle one and then experience Dr. Arthur Pod.