440. Transcript

You’re now in what we call the Dino Den. Now, you’ll see a sculpted dinosaur and a fossil dinosaur footprint. And you’ll see some signs that have questions on them and then you can pull up the sign, and underneath, you’ll be able to read the answer. This is really a teaching exhibit to help you understand how the Bible explains dinosaurs. So, I encourage you to make sure that you read all those questions and then, look at the answers. It’ll help you learn about Bible and dinosaurs.

Then you’ll go up to the second floor of the Dino Den. A lot more questions there that you can learn answers to and a lot of other items as well. It’s a great place to learn all about dinosaurs and see the different sorts of dinosaurs. Of course, my favorite is the T. rex. Now, the dinosaurs that are sculpted here in the Dino Den were sculpted by Buddy Davis. Buddy is our dinosaur sculptor, very talented. And, Buddy was able to sculpt these various dinosaurs because he wanted to use his talents for the glory of God and to help boys and girls and mums and dads know it’s the Bible that explains dinosaurs. They’re not a mystery when you believe God’s Word concerning the history of life on this planet.