400. Transcript

OK, we’re walking past a room that’s done up as a first century synagogue.  And then, you see an exhibit here, it’s just a small exhibit.  It has a photograph of my mother and father, and my father’s Bible.  And a little Noah’s ark my father built me.  My father went to be with the Lord 17 years ago.  You see the notes in his Bible there.  The reason for that exhibit is this: really, the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis is a legacy of parents who taught their children to stand boldly, uncompromisingly on the authority of the Word of God.  And, so this is to challenge people, “What legacy are you leaving your children?”  And, I’ve actually talked to people who’ve stood here, without me even telling them the purpose of this exhibit and I ask them, “So, what does that mean to you?” And, they say, “It challenges us, what legacy we’re leaving our children.” And, so, that’s an important message, I believe.