4. Fowl

Among the birds in the museum zoo, you can see examples of the incredible diversity that God made possible in the pheasant kind.  Because of the hybrids between different species, we can be fairly sure that the chickens, guineas, peacocks turkeys, ring-necked pheasants, grouses, quail and some other birds are members of the same created kind. Some people don't believe what the Bible says about Noah's Ark because they don't understand that when the Bible says kinds it does not mean species.  They think that the Bible says that Noah had to take two of every SPECIES on board the ark.  Since that was impossible, they say the Bible can't be trusted as written.  But actually the Bible says that Noah took two of each unclean kind and seven (or seven pairs) of each clean kind on the ark. Most biblical creationists believe that the family level (in modern classification schemes) is equivalent to kind. If we look at chickens, we can see the difference between "kind" and "species."  Many species of birds are members of this ONE created kind.  No more than 14 birds had to go on the ark for the entire kind. Have you ever heard of an animal adapting to its environment, maybe even forming a new species?  Is that evolution?  To find out, press number 12.