380. Transcript

And so then we move on to the fourth “C,” which is Confusion.  Confusion is about the Tower of Babel where God gave different languages, forming different people groups.  We are all descendants of Adam and Eve, so there is only one race of people.  Biologically there is only one race.  And science now confirms that.  When they mapped the human genome [they] confirmed there’s only one biological race. 

We have a little exhibit in there of people living in a cave.  The reason for that is because you know in the evolutionary books kids get the idea that those who lived in caves were sort of primitive, ape-like, brutish creatures.  We want people to understand cavemen are men that live in caves.  And after the Tower of Babel you can image some people built dwellings out of stone, some would build them out of wood, some would go and live in caves.  It would make sense.  And you know what? We see the same sort of thing today, actually.

And, then we have a display about the fact that we’re all one race. And even showing that some of the variation in the human kind is misunderstood.  For instance skin color.   We all have the same skin color.  It is a pigment called melanin. It’s a matter of how much or how little you have. It’s not what color you are, it’s what shade you are.  You can be a dark shade or a light shade.  Everyone is a “colored” person unless you don’t have the color and then you have a real problem by the way cause you need the color. 

So here we have the Tower of Babel.  And, as a result of the Tower of Babel, the families there that were the descendants of Noah’s three sons, then split up and moved away from each other according to their language groups as it details in Genesis, chapter 10.

Then, the next sign shows that, through the years, all sorts of cultures and nations were formed.  And, you  know, we get the idea, just looking at history, you know, this nation here, and this one here, and this one battled this one and, and, they killed out these, and all the things that go on. It looks like the aimless fumblings of men and nations. But actually, God is sovereign; He has a plan through all of this that can never be thwarted. It’s His plan from eternity. And through all that’s been going on with the different nations God’s promise of a savior back there in Genesis, because of our sin (in fact the first time the gospel was preached is in Genesis: I’ll put enmity between thee and woman, thy seed and her seed. It shall bruise they head thou shalt bruise his heel), that promise, God is ensuring is happening.