330. Transcript

Now, in the Flood Geology Room as you follow around to the right, you’ll see exhibits dealing specifically with the geology of the flood; how layers could be laid down quickly, how canyons can be carved quickly.  You’ll see an exhibit about Mt St Helens and what happened there and how that, which was really a catastrophe on a small scale, can be used to understand a global catastrophe like Noah’s Flood and what it did to the Earth. You’ll also see evidence of how  we can explain the Grand Canyon in terms of the Flood and what happened after the Flood. These are all very important exhibits to show you that it doesn’t take millions of years for all the fossil-bearing layers to be laid down over the earth and doesn’t take millions of years for those canyons to be laid down. And, in fact, as you look at the evidence, evidence from the Grand Canyon and other places, it really speaks of catastrophism and fits within the framework of the Flood of Noah’s day as explained in the Bible. I encourage you to spend some time and go through all of those exhibits.