320. Transcript

You have now entered what we call the Flood Geology room. It’s quite a large extended room and has a number of different exhibits within it. Now you’re looking at the Rainbow Covenant exhibit. When Noah and his family came off the ark, then Noah sacrificed animals as a “thank you” to the Lord for saving them during the global flood. And God put a rainbow in the sky as a covenant between man and animals and God that He would never again send such a flood. See, it was a global event. We’ve seen lots of local floods since that time, but what we haven’t seen are any more global floods. And, of course, this really helps us understand that the flood of Noah’s day was certainly unique because it was a global flood. We’ll never see a global flood again, but there will be another judgment of the entire earth, in fact, the whole universe, a judgment by fire when God makes a new Heavens and a new Earth. But the rainbow covenant certainly reminds us of God’s provision for Noah, Noah’s thankfulness for the grace of God, and that it really was a global flood.