300. Transcript

And, so, now we move into the third “C” which is “Catastrophe”.  And as we come into Catastrophe, we’re looking at a rebuilt section of Noah’s Ark. One percent of the ark is rebuilt here.   And we want you to look at the prop there for Noah’s ark.  It’s not just an ordinary prop.  We built it based on real engineering ideas as a result of investigating ancient ships.  If you just had a wooden hull, then it would twist and leak.  And what we’re saying to people here is, “Who says that Noah wasn’t intelligent enough to know how to build a ship, to make sure it wouldn’t leak?”  He was a great architect/engineer.  Why not?  Again we’ve got that idea people before us aren’t as good as us.  Look at some of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese and some of the incredible structures they built and the ships they built. Who says that Noah couldn’t build a ship in the same sort of way or even better?

You also have here some people who are scoffing.  Noah has hired them to help him build the ark.  It’s just a thought. The bible doesn’t say whether he hired people to do that or not, but why not?  And, they didn’t go on the ark to be saved, because only eight people went through that door.  So here they are mocking and you see Noah and his family over there preparing.  Then, as you walk into the ark we see some illustrations there of the next project of the Answers in Genesis ministry, as the Creation Museum is an outreach of that ministry.  Answers in Genesis has stepped out in faith to rebuild Noah’s Ark [visit www.arkencounter.com].  As people have come through this exhibit, one of the questions they’ve often asked is this, “Well, you rebuilt one percent of the ark, how about rebuilding the other “99 percent” as well?  In other words build 100% of the ark.

So, that’s what we’re going to do as a sign to the world as a reminder to the world that God’s word is true. And that as Noah and his family went through a doorway to be saved, so we need to go through a doorway, the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are some interactive videos here for kids and adults.  And they touch the screen, and then they answer questions and then they can build Noah’s Ark.  Then, as we go through this area of the ark on our left you’ll see a model there representing how we believe Noah might have built the ark.  He would have been a brilliant engineer, he and his sons. And again, who knows who he hired to help him?