290. Transcript

Methuselah gives a wonderful message.  Methuselah knew Adam and Methuselah’s talking about his grandson Noah.  And, he’s warning people that Noah is teaching them about God’s Word and what God’s Word says is true.  It’s gonna happen.  This Flood is coming; this judgment is coming.  Lots of subtle things here too in this exhibit.  You notice we see fruits and vegetables because they’re all vegetarian, humans are vegetarian until after the flood.  It wasn’t until Genesis nine, verse three we’re  told we could eat meat. 

You’ll also see some musical instruments.    Well, Adam’s descendants went out and made musical instruments. People have the idea that people before us weren’t as good as us.  We want them to understand that Adam and Eve were highly intelligent and their descendants built cities, made musical instruments.  Don’t have an evolutionary view of history where you think people before us are not as good as us and way more advanced than they are. We might have a different technology, but that’s due to accumulation of knowledge, that’s very different.

And you also notice there are some scrolls here.  Why do we do that?  Genesis 5:1 says “this is the book of the generations of Adam.”  In fact, that phrase, “these are the generations of…” occurs a number of times there in Genesis. We believe they’re really signatures of those who wrote those sections.  God obviously revealed the account of creation to Adam and we believe that he wrote that down.  Why not?  You know people say writing wasn’t invented until the time of Moses, how do you know that? I mean, you weren’t there.  What does the Scripture say?   And couldn’t it be possible that writings handed down from those people back then, were carried by Noah on the Ark, eventually carried down to Moses, who wrote the book of Genesis?   And in other words compiled it together from those historical records, of course under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  So, we’re suggesting these sorts of things here.