29. Transcript

You are entering the butterfly and hummingbird garden.  The plants in this area were selected to attract these small animals. The showy shrubs with both pink and blue flowers are Endless Summer hydrangeas. The white blooms of the Pinkie-Winkie hydrangeas have turned a charming pink which lends them their name as they wink from white to pink. As you climb the hill, you can see a variety of heuchera, with red-bottomed leaves, abelia, and more Japanese maples.  Ahead, on the right side of the path, are two weeping Alaskan cypress trees.  At the top of the hill, to the left, you will find Eupatorium, and bright pink pentas. On the right are coneflowers, butterfly bushes, Blue Mist Spirea, and Little Bobo hydrangeas. At the top of the hill, to your right you’ll see gold bar miscanthus grass backed by more butterfly bushes, zinnias, and Chantilly Lace hydrangeas. Head to the fountain area for your next stop.