280. Transcript

But, now we want to take you into Corruption Valley and we want to illustrate what happened because of sin.  Compare what you see in Corruption Valley to the Garden of Eden.  The contrast is stark.  It’s incredible.  And as we walk through here we see an animatronic dinosaur.  It’s a dinosaur that’s growling, roaring, eating another dinosaur.  There are signs that remind us now that venom, death, disease, carnivores and so on, it’s all because of sin.  And so we help people understand that. And, then, as we continue on the pathway, we’ll see Adam working hard.   See, it’s a different sort of work now.  Now, it’s burdensome work.  It wasn’t originally – not in a perfect world.  And, now, there’s weeds to contend with.  You gotta work against the curse because of our sin.

You notice that Eve is pregnant.  The Bible said to be fruitful and multiply, have children, not just Cain and Abel and Seth.  Genesis 5:4 says Adam had sons and daughters and so we have on the right, there, a sign answering the question about where did Cain get his wife.  That’s one of the questions people ask today, in fact it’s one of the questions asked of William Jennings Bryan [in the Scopes Trial] that he couldn’t answer and it’s been asked of us many times down through the years.  And, so, I want to make sure that people understand there is an answer to it and it’s really simple to understand.  And then as we go on we see how Cain killed Abel, again a reminder --  sin is crouching at the door to get you like that too.  Don’t let it overtake you like it did Cain.