28. Transcript

As you step off the bridge, the unique tree to your right is an Hinoki cypress – through its branches you can see, up the hill, our pergola. It is a popular photo location within the botanical gardens.  Feel free to wander up its steps to get a great view. To continue the tour, turn left and follow the path along the lake’s edge.  Lizard’s tail plants, with their drooping, green, tail-like stalks, line the path leading to the pink knockout roses along the lake edge, where salvia is also in bloom with its small blue-violet flowers.  Button bushes with their globe-shaped seed pods line the lake. Several varieties of ornamental grasses are also growing in this area and black-eyed Susans are bursting forth in their showy blooms. The cell phone tour continues around the deer garden and up the hill – back toward the pergola but along the path to the left.