27. Transcript

Along the edge of the path is a mass of ground covering bamboo, and quite a few large hostas.  While walking over the arch bridge, stop and look towards the garden.  Pickerel weed, with its purple-spiked flower, lines the cove, and more petasites cover the ground right to the water’s edge. There is another Gold Rush Dawn Redwood immediately to your right. Turn back to the lake and look down into the water. You may spot a turtle, frog or fish including bluegill, largemouth bass, or rock bass. The floating flowers are water lilies. Stand quietly for a moment and relish the many joyful sounds of nature. If you hear some joyful screams, look up and watch the daredevil zip liners flying overhead. Want to join in the adventure? Check your daily schedule, visit creationmuseum.org, or call 1-800-721-2298 for more details.