260. Transcript

Then we walk into the Cave of Sorrows, we call it.  This is the second “C”, “Corruption.”  And as we come into the cave of sorrows, we see the serpent on the left.  And we’ll hear overhead the Scripture concerning the serpent coming to Eve and asking, “Did God really say?”, getting her and Adam to doubt the authority of God’s Word.  Then we come to Adam and Eve and you’ll hear the scripture, again giving us the account of the Fall, when Adam took the fruit.  Interesting, Adam was there watching his wife as she took that fruit.  The Scripture says, “She gave to her husband who was with her.” See, he was watching.  He didn’t stop her and it was Adam that was given the instruction not to eat the fruit. It’s Adam who was the spiritual head.  That’s why with Adam came sin, not with Eve.  Eve was deceived, but Adam sinned, because he was the one who was given that instruction and was the spiritual head.

You’ll notice too, the fruit does not look like an apple.  We wanted to get rid of that idea that people have, because the Bible doesn’t say what the fruit was.

The other thing you’ll notice is that Eve has some stains on her fingers.  See she had already taken the fruit.  Lots of little things like that to look at in these exhibits.   If you actually stand there and look at them for a lot longer time you’ll see things like that that the artists have put in there.

And, then, as we round the corner, we see a door on the right with all these locks on the door.  Well, Scripture warns us that now because of sin it’s crouching at the door.  It wants to control us.  And it’s a warning to us about sin. Of course, we learn later on what sin did to Cain when he killed Abel. And, so, it’s a warning to us about sin and our sin nature and what it can do to us.

And, then we see pictures of horrible things of death, of suffering, pain in childbirth-- just horrible things that happen in the world.  You see some videos down further on the right.  It’s a reminder that all of this is a result of sin. It’s not God’s fault; it’s our fault.  We sinned in Adam.  God withdrew some of that sustaining power, so we would die because we forfeited our right to live.  But in doing so, He had a plan from eternity to save us. But, we need to understand, we live in a world where you have a little taste of what life is like without God and we don’t like it. And we want to blame God; we need to blame our sin.  And we need to thank God for the fact that He stepped into history to save us from what we did – a whole different message to what many people have heard.

And, so, you could get a little discouraged walking through here and feel despair as you go through here thinking, “well, this is hopeless then.”  I mean look at this horrible world because of sin.  But then we have an exhibit where we want people to understand there’s a solution to the sin problem.  God had a solution.  He had a plan from eternity.  And, here we see Adam and Eve and skinned animals.  In the Scripture, God tells us that He skinned an animal and clothed Adam and Eve.  The first blood sacrifice is a covering for their sin, a picture of what was to come in Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.  And, so, the audio overhead and the signs help people understand there IS a solution.  And, we’re going to give them that solution in detail later on in the Last Adam Theater.  There is a solution to the sin problem, to all this mess that sin has caused in the world.