26. Transcript

As you make your way down the hill, across the lawn to your left, you can see Scarlet and Gold Corkscrew willows. Our rainforest is growing rapidly and is filled with banana plants, elephant ears, hostas, hydrangeas, and bamboo creating a dense expanse of foliage. At the right hand turn in the path, follow the trail to your left to the lake, where you can see our resident lake critter, Nessie, gliding away from shore. Make your way back to the main trail and continue to your left.


As you rejoin the path, to your left you can find what appears to be a shrub with interestingly-arranged foliage. This is a Voodoo lily. This large plant dies back every year, growing from a large bulb each spring. Its first appearance is a showy bloom. Surprisingly, this beautiful flower smells quite awful which attracts pollinators like flies. At the crest of the hill, the unusual looking plants on your right are Pineapple Lilies, named for their blossoms which resemble that fruit. As you proceed around the corner and down the hill, you will see a Gold Rush Dawn Redwood to your left. This variety is a cousin to the massive redwoods found on the Pacific coast. Watch out for the T. rex lurking in the jungle. Continue along the path and around the corner towards the arch bridge.