250. Transcript

After we see the creation of Adam from dust, we come to the first of those Seven C’s of History.  We’re now going to walk through the Seven C’s:  Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, then Christ, Cross, Consummation.  As we walk through Creation, we are walking through the Garden of Eden.  We see Adam with the animals. And as you look at the animal kinds, by the way, they’ll they look different [from] what we see today. And the reason being, we want people to understand the species we see today in horses or in camels they’re not the same as what would have existed originally.  The original kind would look different, yet you’ll recognize it as the camel kind or as the horse kind.  And, so, there’s been a lot of thought go into how these animals were produced.

As you walk around you will hear scripture read overhead, telling us what we are seeing, just from the Bible.  And then there are signs that will answer questions that people have, skeptical questions.  Like one of the questions people often ask: “How did Adam name all those animals in one day?”  Well, he didn’t have to name all the animals, it was the specific ones that God brought to him.  And there was a purpose – to show that he was alone – not lonely which would be a negative thing in a perfect world -- he was alone.  And so we answer those questions on signs.

And then, as you walk around I’ve often heard kids in here say, “Daddy, Mommy, there’s a dinosaur.” They recognize dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden.  Again challenge their thinking, from what they’ve been brainwashed with by the secular world concerning millions of years and dinosaurs dying out millions of years ago. 

Then, as we walk down past a dinosaur on our left, a dinosaur on our right, and we see the Tree of Life, on our left we see to Adam and Eve.  This is really an important exhibit, a very important exhibit for today too. We’ve helped people understand God made Adam from dust then Adam saw he was alone, so God put him to sleep and from his side made a woman, the basis for marriage.  We don’t mention (on the signs here) gay marriage. We don’t need to, because what we are telling people, this is obvious.  God made marriage.  He made male and female.  He didn’t make male and male.  He didn’t make female and female.  So we are teaching a very positive message and that’s what we try to do in the Creation Museum.  This is why Christians say that marriage has to be between one man and one woman.  Here’s the origin of marriage, right here.

As we walk down a little further, on the right, Adam and Eve had this wonderful relationship with God, but that relationship was about to be broken.  So we come up to the waterfall and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  This is setting the scene for the second “C.”  The second “C” is Corruption.  You’ll hear overhead the scripture [Genesis 3:3]“Adam you can eat of all the trees. There’s one tree you’re not to eat of and, if you do, you’ll surely die.”  We see the serpent in the tree.  And then, from there, we move on to the next C.

If you look up in the tree, by the way, there are all sorts of subtle things that our artists have put into the Creation Museum.  Sometimes it takes a number of times walking through to actually see all those things.  Here’s one of them, if you have never seen this before.  Do you see the branches up there that are spread out?  In the middle you see a face representing Jesus because he died on a cross because of what happened here with The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.