24. Transcript

As you enter the Koi Pond Garden you can see the bold, bright colors of Japanese maples throughout the area. Near the bridge, on the left, the shrub with the deep red tufts is a small sumac tree.  As you approach the bridge, take a close look at the tall shrub to your right. The large thorns give this bush its name: the Flying Dragon.


As you exit the bridge the white flowers to the right are whirling butterfly gaura (gar-uh). Continue along the trail and notice the burgundy-edged Red Baron grass along the right side of the path, and the sparkling white blossoms of a Seven Sons tree to the left. Pass through the tunnel of bamboo and notice the tea house. The bench here was made from the wood of a tree that was removed from the grounds.  Take a moment to enjoy the koi swimming in the pond before proceeding up the hill. When you leave the Koi Pond garden, turn left.