2. Transcript

Say Hi to our dromedary camels.  They’re usually very friendly, so be prepared to be nuzzled if you offer your hand!

Check out the camel’s amazing Creature Features:

  • Take a moment to gaze into those gorgeous eyes with the long eyelashes.  They're not just for looking good, those lashes help keep the sand out of their eyes when camels are in the desert.  And big bushy eyebrows help shade their eyes from the hot desert sun.
  • Can you close your nostrils?  Go ahead, try it!  Camels can, and it allows them to keep sand out of their nose!
  • But of course the most famous part of a camel is its hump.  So what about it?  Do you think there are 20, 30, or 50 gallons of water in there?  Actually, it's a trick question, because the hump doesn't store water!  It stores fat.  It's an excellent energy source when a camel doesn't have much to eat, but don't worry, we feed them plenty!