150. Transcript

We call it the Dragon Hall Bookstore because everything is themed at the Creation Museum and this is  themed after a medieval castle.  So, as we walk in, if you look up to the right, you can see the shields.  Look down to the other end, where the exit sign is, above that you see Beowulf who killed a dragon.  You look up to the left, above the offices you’ll see a dragon reading a book.  And then, look around the room and you’ll see what looks like stained glass windows with pictures of dragons.  And so, you can see that everything is themed. And, of course, in here, we have lots of resources giving answers that are not readily available out there in the public.  It’s a unique bookstore. I don’t believe there is any other resource store like this in the whole world that would have this collection of resources and the other materials that we have here.