126. Transcript

The Special Effects Theater showcases a variety of presentations that entertain, educate, and enlighten our museum guests.

The feature presentation in this theater is “Men in White.” It answers a young lady’s questions about origins – while taking her on a whirlwind journey of the Creation week recorded in Genesis. It also includes a satirical look at evolution, exploring the bias often found in the classroom. 

“Men in White” is an immersive program for all ages that provides a great introduction to the content found in the museum’s “walk through biblical history.”

Answers in Genesis Feature Presentations are often held here in this theater. Museum guests are given the special opportunity to hear live presentations on culturally relevant topics from AiG’s speakers & PhD scientists.

And, finally, “The Last Adam” film is also shown here. This well-produced short film depicts the culmination of the museum’s message. Covering the final 3 C's of biblical history -- Christ, Cross, Consummation – “The Last Adam” film explains the gospel message in powerful form. It starts with the foundational truths from Genesis – including the origin of sin -- and the rest of the Old Testament. The film then reveals why Christ’s life, death, and resurrection were necessary to secure atonement for a sinful humanity.