110. Transcript

Well I hadn’t been on the incredible zip line course at the Creation Museum, and so I decided, you know what,  20,000 people have tried the zip lines at the Creation Museum, it has rave reviews, I better do it.  I’m the president after all of Answers in Genesis.  I took my wife into it as well, so we took the plunge.  WOW!  It was incredible.  No wonder it gets rave reviews.

We have the biggest and best zip line course in the Midwest.  It starts right here with the 660-foot zip over the lake and then there are twenty-seven zip lines all together—various courses over two and a half miles long.  There are eleven sky bridges.  There’s a challenge course for children and adults.  This is the biggest and best in the Midwest—nothing else like it in the area.  This is absolutely phenomenal.  It’s a great family friendly place to be.  I encourage you to try out the zip lines when you come to the Creation Museum.