102. Transcript

Hi, I’m Ken Ham, president and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Welcome to the Creation Museum. This is a very unique place, it’s unique in the world. And even as you walk into the portico and before you get to the Guest Services Information Center, our teaching begins.

Were dinosaurs dragons? Throughout the portico we have a special exhibit called our Dragon Legends exhibit. You see, there are flood legends all over the world. The Australian aborigines, American Indians, Fijians, Hawaiians, going back to the Babylonians, all have legends about a flood, and there are many elements that sound similar to Genesis. Now, we would explain that this way: that there was a real flood, Noah’s Flood, as recorded in the Bible, and after the flood an event called the Tower of Babel where God gave different languages, and so people moved away from each other. And they took the account of the Flood with them and changed it. That’s why there are elements similar to the Bible, but the original is in the Bible and that hasn’t changed. And so, those flood legends around the world have a basis in the fact there was a real flood, Noah’s Flood.

Now, there are dragon legends all over the world, too. And as you listen to the descriptions of dragons, or see their carvings or paintings in various places, many of them are similar to what we would call dinosaurs. And so, what we’re suggesting is that the dragon legends have a basis in real animals just as flood legends have a basis in a real Flood. And those real animals the dragon legends are based on, we believe, could have been dinosaurs. Many of the descriptions do fit the dinosaurs.

So, were dragons dinosaurs? I encourage you to look at the columns throughout the portico, and view the exhibits there. And also, throughout the rest of the portico, you’ll see various items relating to the Dragon Legends exhibit.

Now, as you come to the end of the portico, and as you turn left into the Main Hall, if you look up you’ll see a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling. Now, that’s not a dinosaur because the word “dinosaur” refers only to a particular group of land animals. But, it could be a flying dragon. Because we believe these flying creatures were created on day 5, just as the Bible records. So, perhaps this was one of the flying dragons, a real creature that God created one day before man, certainly not millions of years before man.