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What's in this exhibit?  That one looks like a horse, but check out the ears on that one!  And what about those stripes?

Meet our zebroids.  Zebroids are a cross between zebras and other members of the equine kind.  A zebra and a donkey produce a zonkey while a zebra and a horse produce a zorse.

In Genesis, chapter 1, it is stated that God created animals according to their kind (a biblical term) and thus we infer that animals were to reproduce according to their kind. So if animals can breed with each other and produce offspring they are considered to be members of the same kind. Zebroids show us that horses, zebras, and donkeys are members of the same created kind.  When God sent two of every kind of animal to Noah's ark to be saved from the flood, that means He only sent two of the equine kind - a male and a female.  All the modern day horses, zebras, and donkeys are descendants of those two equine representatives.

Wait a minute!  Is that evolution?  Press 10 next to find out.